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a brand new week . . .

Client project fabric. | Caitlin Flemming Design

Happy Monday everyone! After taking a much needed week off to enjoy visiting family and friends, relishing the summer days we’ve had here in the Bay Area, making homemade meals at home and just taking a few extra hours to do whatever my heart desired, I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. Usually I’m in the mind set of go, go, go but this summer I’ve had this feeling of unplugging and truly carving out time to do the simplest things – knitting, making jam with my mom, reading – it’s amazing what an hour here can do for your soul. How do all of you find the time to do the things you love?

This week is action packed – I’ll be sharing my latest jam recipe (I’ve already gone through a few jars!), a new layer it post that you’ll be wanting to see if you live in a hot city, a new workspace feature that has me wanting to re-arrange my own workspace and much more.

I hope all of you have a fabulous week ahead!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming of fabric for a current client project

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