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A Brand New Sacramento Street!

Caitlin Flemming Design | Baker Bungalow

Welcome to the brand new Sacramento Street! It’s been a long time coming. Last year I decided it was time to have a fresh new look as well as reconfiguring the functionality of the site. I thought it would take me a few months, but with a busy work schedule and a little one at my feet, here I am launching it mid-February. This has been a labor of love even if it has taken a wee bit longer than I expected. I’ve simplified both the look and navigation. I hope you enjoy it and find the way it functions easy to use.

I’m thrilled to have both Sacramento Street as well as my interior design website re-designed to reflect more of who I am. They both feel like the grown up version of who I was when I started. My aesthetic has changed over the years and I feel as if this update is more a display of my visual style. Expect to see Sacramento Street ever evolving as I learn and adapt from experiences I have in life. I hope I always keep my eyes open to the world and never stop learning.

A special shout out to Sarah Mattern of Mattern Co. for helping bring this project to life. Her guidance and expertise were priceless!

Now, go explore the new site – there are a ton of new features. You can search by category, shop my favorite things, and much more! There is a lot in store this year here on the site – more project reveals, interior design posts, style posts and much more.

Thank you for continuing to making this such an amazing place for me to share all of my musings!

Photo by Suzanna Scott for Caitlin Flemming Design (project reveal coming soon!)


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