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4 Tips to Keeping Cool This Summer

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The majority of the country was (and still is) suffering from a heat wave the past few weeks – even here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I live in a rental in the city (buying requires a small fortune!), but we have plans to buy a home soon. Recently, my husband and I have begun the search for a home to buy in the North Bay where temperatures are significantly higher than in San Francisco. And I know one of our top priorities will be to have a well maintained and quality HVAC system for comfort all year long. Even though I dream of looking out big, light-filled windows and watching children play in the garden, I know the feeling of perfect indoor air quality will be just as important to that dream as the perfect tangible things I can see.

If you own your own home, or if you are still dreaming of the day, consider a few ways to keep it cool this summer:

  1. Hydrate all day long! I like to make a pitcher of iced tea or enjoy a glass of cool water. If it’s difficult for you to drink water, consider adding lemon and herbs to give it a bit of natural flavor.

  2. Think about changing your bed sheets for natural fibers. Linen sheets are especially cool to the touch and will keep you more comfortable in the summer.

  3. Add outside activities that include water to keep you cool. I used to always love a silly slide. Even a wading pool can be fun for your little ones.

  4. Take cool down breaks with popsicles made of fruit juice to keep everyone cool.

Yet while these tips for staying cool outside in the summer weather are awesome, it is also important to stay cool and comfortable inside with clean and refreshing air. Striking a balance is key to a perfect summer! This balance can be achieved with indoor activities and projects, and refreshing drinks and food inside for a break from the heat. However, no matter what plans you make for summer warm weather, priority one is to be sure you have a home ready to beat the heat and provide you with cool comfort.

What good is a perfectly designed home if you don’t feel good living in it? I always encourage my clients to understand the importance of having a comfortable and clean environment, capturing both the physical health and mental benefits of a quality HVAC system. Especially during the summer, this is the most important item to ensure your home has is clean, breathable air. Most of the time our indoor air quality goes unnoticed because it is something we can’t see. However, the air inside your home is much more important than you think and dirty air can cause allergies and even health-related problems. Lennox combats this by providing peace of mind with the PureAirTM Air Purification System which destroys the three most common indoor air pollutants: particles, germs and odors. In fact, the system actually filters out 99% of airborne particles like pollen, dust and pet dander. And that matters to our health and the health of our loved ones.

Obviously, this is an investment in the health of you and your family and while it isn’t the same as getting a new sofa, it’s more important to the health and well being of you and your loved ones!


This post is a partnership with Lennox. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.


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