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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Stylish Bird

Happy Monday! I’m ready to take on this hectic week – I’ve got lots of projects to complete, work is crazy, holiday parties to attend and to top it all off, I’ll be traveling to Portland tonight for a 36 hour trip to celebrate my dad getting an award from the Governor of Oregon.

Today, I’m honored to have the lovely Amanda from Stylish Bird sharing her 10 things. She’s an Interior Designer in the Bay Area and will be launching her site in early 2011! Amanda and I live incredibly close to one another and have tried to plan coffee, lunch and dinner dates – we’re finally meeting up later this week! I’m so excited because we have so much in common. We love interior design, the bay area and from this post I realized we have SO much more than I thought in common. I thought I was alone in my Rodin face oil obsession – if you don’t use it RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest Erica Tanov or Barneys.

Thank you Amanda for guest blogging here today! See you on Thursday.

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I was so flattered and excited when Caitlin asked me to participate in her “10 Things” post. I’ve been a long time reader of Sacramento Street, so guest blogging today is really an honor. It’s always fun to see what people choose and I love that it gives you a little glimpse into their lives. I decided to focus on the everyday items that I use that truly put a little extra bounce in my step…

1. Ethnic textiles. I’m a total sucker for an ethnic textile. I know that at this point suzanis are a little played out, but I don’t care. The colors, patterns and vintage quality can give an interior a unique soulful quality that I just can’t get enough of. Pillows from Jayson Home & Garden

2. Stationary. Letterpress to be exact. I love the feel of thick card stock with the colored indentations. It has such a luxurious feel that you know is special the instant you touch it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a handwritten note. Linda & Harriet custom notecards & envelopes from Soiree San Francisco.

3. Products. I’m a girl who loves her lotions and potions. Especially in the winter when it’s so dry out. I swear by Rodin Olio Lusso face oil. It’s made of a blend of essential oils and it smells positively heavenly. I slather it on before bed every night and wake up with glowing skin. It’s a little pricey, but a little goes a long way. Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil from Barney’s New York.

4. Lipstick. Until recently I had never worn lipstick a day in my life. The red lip trend piqued my interest, so I went out and bought one. Now I am totally addicted. It makes me feel a little more glamorous and feminine when I go out at night. Every woman needs a good red lipstick in her arsenal. Laura Mercier lip pencil in Ruby & Nars pure matte lipstick in Vesuvio

5. Boots. Living in the Bay Area means it’s cold. A lot. I live in a uniform of jeans, blouses & boots. These Madewell booties have been getting a lot of play time this season. They are the perfect little black bootie. You can dress them up or down, wear them with high waisted jeans, skinny jeans or with tights and a dress. Madewell Shortcut booties

6. Coffee. The taste, the smell, the ritual. I love it all. The first thing I do in the morning is make my coffee and sit down to read all my favorite blogs. It’s like the quiet before the storm and I cherish that time. I like all types of coffee, but Blue Bottle Coffee is especially good. If you are a coffee person I highly recommend giving it a try. Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

7. Handbag. This summer I turned 30 (gasp!) and took a 6 week trip to London. I wanted a high quality bag that was versatile and that had a flap that closed to discourage those who might be inclined to lift my goods while standing uncomfortably close together on the tube. I decided to get myself Mulberry’s Alexa bag. It’s made of soft buttery leather and you can carry it as a handbag, shoulder bag or cross body. Definitely a splurge, but you only turn 30 once, right? Mulberry Alexa bag from Net-a-Porter.

8. Magazines. I adore my monthly magazines. The second they arrive in the mail my heart starts beating a little faster and I have to stop everything to do a preliminary fly through before I have time to really sit down and devour the whole thing. I love so many magazines for all different reasons, but I’m a California girl and C Magazine is my favorite. Get a subscription here.

9. Technology. I am constantly connected, so my iPhone is an important part of my life and my business. I never knew I needed it before I had one, but now I couldn’t live without it. iPhone from Apple.

10. Scarves. Again, the Bay Area is cold and any local knows it’s all about layering. I am never without a scarf, and in particular, I’m never with my blue scarf. It’s my favorite! Love Quotes scarf in Marina from Tobi.


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