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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Design Darling

Happy Monday! I have a skip in my step because I’m incredibly excited that Christmas is right around the corner. Warm Christmas cookies, family time, hot cocoa and seeing old friends is what will be on the agenda when we touch down in Portland on Wednesday. Lots of packing is to be done before we leave. What are you up to this week? Traveling? Spending time with family?

Today, the lovely Mackenzie from Design Darling is guest blogging. She’s about to graduate from Bucknell University in May and she’s looking forward to leaving her mark on the design industry in a yet-to-be-determined way — whether in fashion, interiors, or the editorial side of things. I know she’s going to be wildly successful because she has already done so much at such a young age.

Thank you Mackenzie for your wonderful post!

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Hi everyone! I’m Mackenzie from Design Darling and I’m so thankful to Caitlin for having me here today! Caitlin and I met in September at the launch party for Rue and I’ve been a huge fan of her blog ever since. I love this series and I’m excited to be participating at a time of year when it’s all too easy to take life for granted. I’ve kept my list very light-hearted but rest assured that my family knows they’re loved too!

1. Ballet flats. Anything I can wear year-round in Connecticut becomes an absolute wardrobe staple. I love my Tory Burch flats because I can wear them for everything — to class on weekdays and out to dinner on weekends. I own these in orange leather and pink suede but I would love to add this leopard pair ($225) to my repertoire.

2. Costume jewelry. Nothing puts the finishing touch on an outfit quite like the perfect bauble. This Kenneth Jay Lane cocktail ring (on sale for $98) is the brightest piece in my jewelry box and thus my go-to for jazzing up plain jane looks.

3. Glee. What could be better than a musical comedy that features the sexy Matthew Morrison and endless style inspiration from Jayma Mays’s Emma Pillsbury? The guidance counselor’s wardrobe is a chic reminder that, as a redhead, I too can pull off a little color.

4. High heels. The higher, the better. I’m known in my circle of friends for wearing heels to every social function regardless of the time or weather. Snowing and sticking? That calls for heeled over-the-knee boots. Lounging in the backyard during the day? Time to bust out the five-inch wedges. Currently I’m coveting these Jessica Simpson wedges (on sale for $80).

5. Nantucket. This little island off the coast of Massachusetts is quite simply my favorite place on earth. Our family owns a summer home here and I have been lucky to spend several summers on the island working in retail. I highly recommend that everyone visit if you get the chance!

6. Magazines. I just can’t get enough! They’re the perfect complement to my favorite blogs and online publications. My current favorites are Marie Claire for fashion and Elle Decor for interiors.

7. Manicures and pedicures. My mom, sister, and I love to treat ourselves to the occasional mani/pedi. It’s our chance to catch up and unwind, not to mention walk out a little prettier than we came in! My favorite color has long been Essie’s Fiesta — the perfect hot pink!

8. Our puppies. Well, they’re not really puppies anymore. My parents surprised me and my three siblings with Coach seven Christmases ago. We decided he needed a buddy so we adopted his half-brother Fenway that summer (and the Red Sox won the World Series that October!). Our cockapoos are just the light of our lives and I’m instantly happier when I’m with them.

9. Things that sparkle. I’m in love with my new sequined skirt from J.Crew (similar style here, $275). It will be the perfect dress-it-up or dress-it-down item for soirées pre- and post-holiday season. It’s not just the skirt though; a pair of crystal candlesticks, a polished silver frame, a mirrored dresser… Really anything sparkly will do!

10. My computer. My Macbook Pro ($1,199+) is my lifeline. I use it for blogging, editing photos, writing papers, online shopping… I can’t imagine life without it! I’m looking forward to my phone upgrade this spring — it just might be time to spring for the iPhone!

Thank you again, Caitlin! Happy holidays to you all!


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