Growing up, my idea of “home” was very fluid. I spent a lot of time in both the United States and Mexico, immersed in both cultures, and just as much time traveling. Those experiences heightened my senses, nurtured my curiosities, and gave me a deep respect for history and culture. Still today, my life’s travels influence everything I do.

When I enter the home of a fellow nomad, it always feels sacred. Each cherished piece is a snapshot of an experience that likely changed how they view the world. It’s design with more than a point of view; it’s design with a story. Those homes always resonate so deeply with me and I’m sure so many others who find themselves dreaming of the architecture, traditions, and people of faraway places.

My mother, Julie Goebel, and I wrote this book for the people like us—cultural chameleons who feel most at home on the road or in a flea market or museum, people who bring small tokens of those places into their personal sanctuaries as a visual reminder of what they have seen and all they have not.

At the very least, it was a fantastic excuse to travel together, taking in inspiration from unique homes and the people that inhabit them. Their collected spaces remind us that while our experiences differ, our ideas about how to make a home share many commonalities.




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Caitlin Flemming is a designer and stylist based in San Francisco. Her formal foray into interior design began in 2009 when she launched her style and design blog, Sacramento Street. In 2011, she began taking clients as a full-service interior designer, bringing her signature style of layered minimalism to clients in the Bay Area and beyond.

Julie Goebel is a global citizen and a history teacher of thirty years. She founded the Travelers Conservation Foundation, an organization striving to save cultural treasures around the world. She shares a love of design and travel with her daughter, Caitlin. You will find her design work in Rue, the San Francisco Chronicle, Better Homes and Gardens, and Romantic Homes.