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  • Blooms In Season: February

    getting ready for Valentines Day, Natalie and I wanted to bring you a dose of inspiration on what’s in season This year branches are usually in full bloom, which is my favorite thing to have in the house. Over the past few years I’ve wondered which branches come into season first and how to care for them. I love watching the Spring season progress by watching each variety bloom. Another reason I love blooming branches is that they are so easy, yet so beautiful.

  • Blooms in Season: September

    As the weather turns cooler I have always wondered how to combine beautiful blooms that still remind Read on for her advice on these particular blooms we used this month. Each bloom has a different color palette and often a different shape. It is late summer and the seasons are starting to change. The combination of green tomatoes was seasonal and fun!

  • Blooms in Season: September

    One of my favorite things is that we have four distinct seasons to enjoy. A new season brings new blooms, what can we expect to start to see in season that you are excited about It is my favorite season and I am so excited to see the leaves change color. At this time of year I start to focus more on non-floral elements of the season. To get inspired by past Blooms in Season posts – click here.

  • Blooms in Season: December

    I can’t believe this is our last Blooms in Season post of the year. , a bit of whimsy, and something elegant for the holiday season. Are those in season? When it is colder, I do find myself buying imported blooms that come from warmer climates. To see all of our 2013 Blooms in Season arrangements pop over here.

  • Blooms in Season: April

    It burst with tons of favorites – blooming branches, lily of the valley, ranunculus, poppies, and peonies These are one of my favorites during this season! They are commonly called mockorange because their bloom mocks the buds of lemons and oranges. This is true, however this is their actual season. I find that they are so much better this time of year because this is when they are naturally in season

  • Blooms In Season: April

    Since the flower market is currently bursting with blooming branches, Natalie and I wanted to create Any secret tips to keep these blooms lasting longer? What comes into season in April? April is a special time of year full of select Springtime blooms. flowers do not grow at other times of year and are not available for import, which makes their short season

  • Blooms in Season: June

    I’m smitten over the latest Blooms in Season post. The fragrance in summer flowers is like no other season. Natalie will discuss the selection of blooms but in case you are interested, there are two different My wish is that all of you could smell these blooms from your computers (or iPhones)!

  • Blooms in Season: June

    In June, the flower market is bursting with an array of blooms – dahlias, the last peonies of the year , garden roses are slowly coming into bloom, and so much more. This month, I didn’t see that special bloom right away. We are in between seasons and with peonies being behind us and most of the garden roses ahead of us,

  • Blooms in Season: August

    Since everyone’s garden is bursting with blooms right now, we decided to center this post around making The thing is that changes from season to season. mother is an avid gardener and is a professional garden designer, so I was constantly surrounded by blooms Check back next month for another Blooms in Season post!

  • Blooms in Season: April

    The beautiful blooming branches that we wait so patiently for have arrived.This month Natalie and I decided I always make sure I put my dogwood directly in water, as it is much more sensitive than any other blooming Almonds are one of the very first branches to bloom in the springtime, and by this point in the year Thank you Natalie for getting me inspired by what’s in season!

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