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Top 12 Apps to Download in 2014

Top12 Apps to Download | Sacramento Street Approved

Do you ever wonder what apps everyone has on their phones? There are millions out there now. Most people have their favorites – Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps, etc. but what else do they love? We sat around and dug through our own phones to bring you our favorite apps the Sacramento Street team is using. It sure was interesting voting for our top twelve. After chatting about what apps we’re constantly tapping on, engaging with and using, this is our final list. We’re bringing you our top twelve apps to download to make your life more productive, easier, prettier, and just plain cool! We had a total geek out moment. We hope these are already in your regular rotation or become part of your life.

1.) Over: Ever wonder how people add text to their images. Look no further, Over adds beautiful text to your photos straight from your iPhone or iPad.

2.) Postmates: I should warn you – we are quite addicted to this one! With Postmates you can get your lunch, groceries or even office supplies delivered in under an hour. So, if you are craving the sandwich, sushi or burrito from across town you can have it without leaving your desk. We use it constantly for picking up items for clients – it means I can work while the items get’s delivered. Honestly, it’s brilliant! It’s available in most larger cities across the US.

3.) Dropbox: This is probably a common one most people have but we use it everyday. It functions like Google Drive. It’s a handy way to store and share large files with coworkers, creatives you’re working with or family. It’s also a great way to stay organized and have access to your work while you are on the go traveling.

4.) Color 911: The app allows you to download inspirational color palettes as well as create your own. If you’re a design enthusiast this ones for you! We love its ability to pull colors from photos you take on the go. So if you are in a house you love but are too embarrassed to ask the color, there is no need to fret anymore.

5.) Flipboard: Looking for a way to read all of your favorite news, magazines, blogs, and sites? Flipboard allows you to curate all of your favorite articles from various locations into one magazine. All of your daily reads are waiting for you in the morning with a big cup of tea.

6.) Uber: This is the new taxi service. Calling a cab is now just a touch of the screen. This app keeps your credit card on file so when you request the cab they already know who you are and you don’t need to carry any cash (it can be a little dangerous when you don’t want to take the bus or subway). The app tracks your cab for you and gives you the option to split the fare with your friend before even stepping foot into the car. They have elevated how everyone gets around town.

7.) Lumosity: Rather than the basic games like Candy Crush (sorry Eric!), this app is a game for exercising your brain. It’s a web based personal training program that activates your brain with problem solving while also tracking your progress.

8.) Mailbox: Imagine all of your email accounts in one place. This app is a lifesaver! Mailbox has created a way to simplify and organize your email. They have recently joined forces with dropbox so hopefully this will make sharing large files via email easier in the near future.

9.) Snapseed: Ever look back at a photo you took and want to post but it’s not straight? This is the best photo editing app created by Nik Software. The app includes a wide range of tools for editing images and sharing files.

10.) Evernote: This app goes beyond the traditional sticky note. With Evernote, you can save webpages, collaborate with friends, and remember the things you like- all while syncing the information with your devices. So get rid of all those loose papers around your desk – now you can have them in your pocket through your phone!

11.) VSCO Cam: All of us use VSCO Cam when editing photos. VSCO Cam has beautiful filters that don’t overpower your photos.

12.) Spotify: This is one of many amazing apps out there for music. The reason we love this one in particular is for the range of music it offers and the ability to see what kind of music your friends are listening to. So when you’re wanting to get introduced to a new band – pop over to your friends accounts to see what is on their playlist. Or if you find an awesome new band you want to share, you can send it over to all of your friends.

Now, we want to hear what apps are your favorites? Are there some you can’t live without that we need to download right away?

Graphic by Heather Day


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