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Supper Club: v1

A few weeks ago Susan of Peas and Love came to me asking if I wanted to start a Supper Club with both her and Grant – I jumped at the opportunity. When Susan lived in Brooklyn she and her fiancé would host small gatherings of people that were brought together for the love of food, community, laughter, and fostering friendships. Our new San Francisco Supper Club is taking these same goals into action. On Friday night we hosted our very first SF Supper Club with a group of six. It was filled with amazing stories, belly laughs and delicious locally grown food from BiRite Grocery store.

We also set out to make the tabletop unique and beautiful, but also effortless. Using flowers from the grocery store, paper brown bags filled with a baguette as the menu, and then a clean color palette that was perfect for spring.

Susan came up with this genius idea of using brown sandwich bags as the menu – we put a baguette for each person inside and then wrapped each with simple gold and caramel twine.

All of the flowers – sweet peas and veronica both of which I picked up a my local market. Our goal for this tabletop was to make it feel like spring so we took a fresh and easy approach making for a more casual table.

The best part about this Supper Club is that Susan and I will be sharing all of the recipes from the dinner over the next four weeks. And our hope is that by the end of the month you’ll host your very own Supper Club with friends or family and make all of the delicious recipes.

Stay tuned this week for the first recipe – the Green Detox Salad with Avocado and Fennel. It’s delicious!

Tabletop Styling & Photography by Caitlin Flemming / Food & Menu by Susan Whang


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