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One Parsons Tower. Two Spaces.

Today, I’m showing you how decorate the West Elm Parsons Tower in two different ways. One is in my own dining room the other is in my mom’s bedroom.

Bookcases can be a great feature in any room. They’re an opportunity to showcase your interests and personality through books, art and curated items from traveling. There are times can also run the risk of having them look cluttered and end up being the catch-all. I’ve received many of emails from readers asking about tips for styling a bookcase.

Now that you’ve seen our bookcases I want to give you a guide to styling your own:

1. Books: Mix it up – instead of going vertical, stack books horizontally. It will create a graphic feel and alternating stacks between vertical and horizontal can create a more relaxed.

2. Incorporating Art: Having framed artwork adds another element to your bookcase. They can be propped up on shelves or can be leaned to create a layered effect.

3.Vary Scale and Height: Rather than simply lining items up on a bookshelf try, to create small groupings that combine similar items in different sizes, colors and textures.

4. Creating Vignettes: When you are looking at your bookshelf create little moments with items – a bowl of treasures or necklaces, a grouping of vases, layering art, stacking books with a few items on top. Imagine if someone was taking a photo of that little grouping and if it would look good.

I hope you enjoy another installment of One item. Two spaces. I’m thrilled with the way each Parsons Tower turned out. It was such a pleasure working with West Elm on this project.

Photos of Caitlin Flemming’s home by Bess Friday

Photos of Julie Goebel’s home by Caitlin Flemming


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