On the Menu: Chipotle Black Bean Hummus

Looking for something to make for the Super Bowl this weekend? Susan of Peas and Love here to share one of my favorite go-to dips for a party. I’m always looking for a healthier version of those staples that appear at Super Bowl parties because let’s face it, if it’s sitting there in front of you – you’ll eat it . . . I certainly do! This spicy black bean hummus is sure to be a hit at any party you attend this weekend. And let me tell you, the boys won’t even know it’s a healthy version of what they always love to snack on.

Chipotle Black Bean Hummus



1 can Chickpeas

1 cup Black Beans

1 Tbsp Tahini

1 clove Garlic

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

Juice of 1 Lemon

1 tsp Harissa



Add all ingredients in a blender and puree together until thick and creamy. Add drops of water to thin out, if necessary. Serve with pita chips and fresh cut veggies.

Enjoy this guilt-free super dip for the super bowl! Go Niners!

Recipe & Food Prep by Susan Whang / Photography & Styling by Caitlin Flemming

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