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October Moodboad

October begins with a crispness in the air we aren’t used to here in San Francisco. With no Indian Summer weather this year (at least it hasn’t arrived yet…) I’ve been all about layering for the foggy morning and cool breeze. No complaining here because this is my favorite time of year. The light changes, it gets darker a little earlier and home-cooked meals in the slow cooker are my jam.

As the season turns these are the things I’ve been attracted to:

  • Bringing more wood tones and natural elements into my projects and own home. It makes everything more grounded and tied back to the earth.

  • Added layering neutrals with different textures into my outfits. One of my go-to layers when I’m running out the door is this sweater.

  • I’ve been thinking of adding a little leopard into the mix – loving this dress for fall. And don’t get me started on the new Ulla Johnson fall collection.

This month is going to go by quickly with everything we have going on around our household. I feel like we are going to blink and it will be Halloween!


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