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Nominated for Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2012 Contest!

Alright folks, although I entered a little late for the Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2012contest this year, I truly believe that with your help we can make this happen! I know it’s going to be a huge challenge but I’m 100% ready. I’m going to need every single readers help with voting. First and foremost – I’m SO excited to be nominated. It’s the semi-finals right now and voting ends on Monday. Let’s just say every vote at this point counts. If I make it through to the finals I’d definitely use it towards the blog – making it an even more desirable place to come visit daily. Just think – new blog re-design, new original content series shot professionally, and more!

Here’s what you’ve got to do – if you aren’t signed up for Apartment Therapy you might have to here. Then pop over to my voting page to VOTE! I’m about 900 behind 1st place so give this gal all you can.

Thanks friends! Let’s hope we can make it happen.


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