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Mother’s Day Gifting with Simone LeBlanc

Simone LeBlanc's LA Studio

When it comes to gifting, I know one thing – I don’t like to be rushed. I ponder, brainstorm and search for unique gifts when it comes to friends and family. Lately, I’ve been turning to a mastermind when it comes to gifting – Simone LeBlanc. Through her site, Instagram and shop, I’m constantly getting inspired on different items to give and beautiful ways to wrap and tie the gifts. That’s why I wanted to share with all of you a new gift she’s put together just for all of our beautiful mothers out there. Let me tell you – this is my idea of the perfect gift. Read on to hear all about how Simone got inspired.

Mother's Day Box by Simone LeBlanc 1

How we chose the items:

All of our gift boxes and concepts are built around the idea of a customized experience. Because we’ve spent so much time creating bespoke projects and significant moments for clients, it’s important that we translate that feeling into every box we give. We choose the components carefully and each one is there for a specific reason. For Mother’s Day we were inspired to re-create the time-honored tradition of bringing mom breakfast in bed.

We included products that were created as a labor of love, that take time and care to create. They are all made with fine ingredients and thoughtful processes. The Napa Valley Bath Co. Lavender Hydrosol and Body Lotion, for example, is made by a mother of two daughters who harvests her organic lavender from a nearby farm in Napa and distills it locally. And Lite + Cycle candles are 100% earth-made with pure essential oils and hand poured to be just right. Everything from the product itself, to the packaging, including the way we put together each box in the studio by hand, is done with care and thoughtfulness. All of the elements come together to create a complete gift that gives her everything she needs to enjoy a breakfast morning with herself, all in one box.

Mother's Day Box by Simone LeBlanc

When thinking of a Mother’s Day gift, what people should focus on:

Mother’s Day is all about showing our appreciation for the time, wisdom and unending efforts that our moms have given us. Focus on something that she will truly enjoy, that’s all about her. I love the idea of a gift that gives her an excuse to take time to relax and unwind. That played a big role in the creation of this box.

Mother's Day Box by Simone LeBlanc
Mother's Day Box by Simone LeBlanc

The role that being a mother played in creating the box:

As a mother-to-be myself, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of life balance and how to be mindful and aware of that balance. Between career, motherhood, my marriage and personal time, it’s so important to be vigilant about this. The Mother’s Day box touches on keeping that balance with a little unapologetic quiet time for yourself – so important for a new mom especially!

A HUGE thank you to the ever so lovely Simone for sharing her beautiful Mother’s Day boxes with us. I hope they’ve inspired all of you to either create or find a gift for your mom this year!

Photography from Simone LeBlanc


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