Morning Ritual: Enjoying a Cup of Illy

I never really became a coffee drinker, which is surprising since I grew up in a home where both of my parents took coffee drinking seriously. I have memories of my mom saving to buy a illy Francis Francis and loved waking up each morning to her illy espresso coffee. Years later, I’ve slowly come to appreciate coffee – especially when trying to juggle a baby and a career.

When asked to try the brand new illy Francis Francis iperEspresso – Y5 Milk Coffee and Espresso Machine, I was thrilled because of the memories I had of the aroma each morning as a child. The great thing about this new Y5 Milk Coffee and Espresso machine is that it has the ability to prepare your milk for a cappuccino – the way I prefer my coffee. The capsules make it so easy to prepare a delicious cup of jo each morning – no fuss and a guaranteed delicious cup of Italian espresso each time. Many folks are such devotee’s of illy coffee that they also collect the different cups that have been made through the years. They remind me so much of the espresso cups you get at cafes in Italy.

As I prep my coffee corner each evening before bed – I take sweet joy in knowing that in the morning I’ll be in pure bliss with a delicious cup of coffee. Whether it’s with Jackson in my arms or having a peaceful moment alone – the thing that remains the same is that perfect first sip in the morning.

Not only will I be enjoying illy, but I know that when my parents come to visit they will be thrilled with this new found tradition in our home – a superb cup of coffee awaits them. Now pop over to my dedicated illy Pinterest board to get a glimpse into my idea of the perfect coffee corner, you’ll be able to end to win your very own Y5 Milk Coffee and Espresso machine by pinning your favorite photo!

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