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Lifestyle: Moving From Dream to Reality

You may remember that I wrote a few months ago about beginning to plan for the future (here) and trying to make some goals we have as a family, become a reality. Sometimes I feel as though I’m running so quickly all of the time, I hardly have the chance to look at what I have accomplished and where I hope to be in the future. Having someone to discuss this with on a regular basis, helps me to not only move toward those goals, but constantly reassess the roads to take in order to get there.

Recently, I had the good fortune of catching up with a financial planner at John Hancock whom I had spoken to in March for a follow up chat. While I am not a John Hancock client, I enjoyed speaking with a John Hancock advisor (who I love!) well versed in financial planning strategies. And I’ve actually made significant progress. My design business is growing, my book is coming out in a few short months, and with our tax returns this year, we were able to put a huge amount into a fund for our children’s education.

We all have goals, but turning them into reality sometimes requires a little help and guidance. John Hancock offers various tools and services to their clients during the financial planning process. For example, they have a mobile application called Twine that provides a clear picture of how much you need to save to accomplish your goals.

I’ll continue to assess my goals, change direction and enjoy the road toward financial stability! What do you think helps you the most when setting up financial goals for yourself?


Photography by Claire Giffen

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