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Layer It: All Black

Layer It: All Black | Sacramento Street

I’ll be honest, I’m all about an all black wardrobe. It’s classic, elegant and easy to pair with just about anything. If you look inside my closet the majority of my wardrobe is all black with a few pops of grey, white, and camel. Honestly, I love having everything in neutral colors because it all mix and matches without me ever having to think about whether it goes together or not. I personally love it in the mornings when I don’t have to over think my outfit. That’s why today I’m bringing you an all black ensemble that I love – you can go from work to cocktails in the outfit. I hope this inspires you to bring a little more black into your wardrobe.

The Basics:

2.) MaxMara Pianoforte Athos Skirt

The Layers:

3.) Quincy Open Toe Shoes

4.) 57 MM Sunglasses

7.) Cuyana Leather Tote

More all black favorites!


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