The Deep Mood of Autumn

It feels as though the air has finally shifted. There is a crispness to it that has me bundling up in sweaters, reaching for an extra blanket at night and plotting how I should transition my home for fall/winter. Each season brings a new perspective to our space and having lived in this apartment for over 8 years making some small edits makes all the difference.

This season I've been thinking a lot about what do to our space to make it feel cozy for the colder months ahead. As I looked for inspiration I kept going back to one project done by Fragments Identity in Texas. They worked on a project called The Prairie and I love the way they added in darker layers to the space while also keeping it light and bright. It's funny how a space can have you envision something similar in your own.

I wanted to share a handful of images that brought me inspiration for the new update. Can't wait to show you want Fragments Identity and I have in store for you!

Images from Fragments Identity by Jenna Peffley #interiors

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