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Friendsgiving: How to Organize the Perfect Gathering

American Express - Friendsgiving

  1. Set the table ahead of time. I will often set the table the day before we are having friends over. You can get it completely set up, with the exception of flowers and greenery. Prepare those closer to the event – especially if you are using greenery directly on the table!

  2. Consider having a potluck where everyone brings something. That way you aren’t stuck in the kitchen for days!

  3. If you don’t like the idea of a potluck but you’re still short on time for preparation, you can always buy some items prepared and then make others yourself. I often buy some parts of a meal already prepared. Let’s face it: we are all busy at this time of year! But the last thing you should do is be stuck in the kitchen and your guests left to fend for themselves!

  4. Consider a signature drink. You can have wine and mineral water as alternatives, but a fun cocktail can break the ice.

  5. Finally, choose your outfit ahead of time so you don’t have to think about it the day of your party.


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Photography by delbarr moradi


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