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Entertaining: Bring New Light to Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the official start to the holiday season. Everyone starts decorating their homes and there is a magical feeling in the air. What I love most about Thanksgiving is the ability to play around with the tabletop – there are so many hues to pick from when designing your table that there are endless possibilities.

Each year I think about how I can make it different – is it a new color I haven’t worked with before, a certain flower that inspired the entire table, or a candle vessel I want to use. There so many different branches, flowers and objects you can add to a table that are unexpected but can make it unique.

This season I decided to partner up with glassybaby to create a stunning tabletop that will hopefully inspired all of you the holiday season. If you don’t know glassybaby, it’s time you do because it’s an incredible company!

Glassybaby was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2001 by three-time cancer survivor, Lee Rhodes. During chemo, Lee met many patients who could not afford basic needs during treatment. When Lee founded glassybaby, her core mission was to help alleviate these struggles. Since 2001, glassybaby has donated over $9 million dollars to non-profit organizations that provide hope and healing. It’s pretty incredible what one women’s mission has done.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a table that embodied this mission and would give off a special light that sent the tone for the holiday season. Glassybaby comes in hundreds of different colors, each one with a unique name and story and each piece is hand blown in their studios in Seattle and Berkeley. I selected purr, coal, wingman and cherish as the votives for around the table and console. Then I paired the glassybaby old fashioned in evergreen, which paired perfectly with the napkins from Hudson Grace in fir. What I love about using this hunter green color is that you can easily reuse them for other times around the holiday season.

Luckily this Thanksgiving holiday, glassybaby will be renting their votives, beginning at $5 votive. Click here to find out more or be sure to visit one of their stores.

With only a few weeks left before Thanksgiving it’s time to start planning your table. Open up your china cabinets, see what you already have that can be used and then pop over to your favorite shops to add to them. Remember only a few details always make the biggest impact. Hopefully this tabletop will inspire you this holiday season!


This post is a partnership with glassybaby. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.


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