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Design Project: Santa Barbara Bathrooms Revealed

Happy Monday! I’m excited to share with you the reveal of Samantha of Could I Have That’s new bathrooms – all three of them! I was thrilled when she asked me to help her choose tile and plumbing that would keep a cohesiveness between each of the bathrooms. I immediately knew that Samantha would love the aesthetic of Fireclay Tile, and I was excited that she felt the same way when seeing their product. After visiting the showroom, I put together choices that kept each of the bathrooms looking modern and clean. They worked beautifully with the Kohler fixtures, toilets, mirrors, and vanities. And the Schoolhouse Electric sconces finished up the clean and modern look for each of the bathrooms.


The master bathroom is Samantha’s favorite bathroom because of the floor to ceiling stacked tile that we did on the vanity wall. The colors worked perfectly with the Kohler white oak vanity mirrors. They used the same hexagon tile in Gypsum in the shower and outside of it creating a seamless look. The overall feeling is just how we pictured it — contemporary and clean. A bench from Diani Living  was added inside the shower and brings in a natural element to the modern vibe. The very last element installed were the Ellerbe sconce by Schoolhouse — the rounded shape adds a soft touch.



Samantha knew this is the bathroom that she wanted to have a little fun with, so we found another playful geometric design by Fireclay, the Hexite pattern in Blue Spruce — my favorite pattern to use for the floors and it complimented the stacked 2×8 tiles in Blue Spruce in the shower and bath area perfectly. This pattern works so nicely in a kids bathroom because while it’s fun it can also grow with them as the get older but they won’t grow out of it.



In their previous home they didn’t have a room for their guests to stay in much less a bathroom.  Because this bathroom gets the most light we went with the Kohler Jute vanity in Mohair Gray complimented with Fireclay tile (white gloss and Daisy), white vanity mirrors and U/2 sconces from Schoolhouse for a modern vibe. I absolutely love the way all of these details came together. And it work seamlessly with the way we are designing the Guest Bedroom/Samantha’s Office (which will be revealed soon!).


Stay tuned for more reveals on this project – it’s coming together beautifully and I couldn’t have asked for a better client to work with!


Photography by Jacqueline Pilar


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