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Creating New Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is by far one of our favorite holidays - it's a time to come together, it's the start of the holiday season and it's a time to celebrate rituals that we've created as a family. This year unlike others we will be keeping Thanksgiving very small with our kids and my mama. Usually we head down the coast to my Aunt and Uncle's but we are mindful of the fact that we need to keep things small and intimate to help stop the spread of the pandemic. And I know this is the case for many families this year. It's not easy but necessary.

Even though we can't celebrate in larger groups I do think it's incredibly important to still make Thanksgiving special by planning a tabletop and details that will spark joy, gratitude and hope. Even if it's two or five people at the table, think of ways you can make it special.

This year l reached out to Elsie Green to collaborate on a table. It's one of my favorite brands that I think has beautiful products that can instantly elevate a table that you'll want to create memories around. From their French flatware to their linen napkins to their brass candlesticks - any of these items can be incorporated into your table with your Grandmother's china or your families cranberry sauce recipe (love mine).

Products on table:

Napkins (in Fawn)

Candy jars (used for pillar candles)

Pillar candles (in Natural)

Tea lights (in Natural)

The important thing to remember this year is to find the traditions that bring you hope and gratitude for our future. Embrace this time as a new way to reflect on the holidays and come together in different ways.

Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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