Blooms in Season: July

With the exception of a few times a year, flowers in my house are always white. Of course white can sometimes look plain and one dimensional to some. One way I get around this, is to mix the white flowers with other grasses or greens in season. This month, Natalie has succeeded in creating a rich, wild and innovative way to mix the season into my white flowers. I think you’ll agree that these flowers are a winning bunch!!

What inspired you this month?

I love color so much but sometimes I need a break and to have a  calm arrangement. I think white and green feels so summery and I always think of white as your signature color, Caitlin. While vibrant summer colors are wonderful, there is something about the freshness of white and green that feels so soothing during the hot months.

I love this white rose. What is it?

This is an iceberg rose. They are one of the only pure white garden roses and they grow really well in this part of California. They are also incredibly long lasting. My mother has bushes in her back yard and the flowers on them last for weeks! The only draw back to this rose is that they have zero scent. You can’t have everything, I guess!

I love these little guys you call Love-in-Mist.

I love those, too! Love-in-Mist can also be called Nigella There are so few blue flowers that I really love and these are one of them. I also have a very special association with them as my husband and I got married in a field of poppies and Love-in-Mist. They can also be called “Devil-in-a-mist”, but I'll stick to the devil reference.

Looking for more flower inspiration? Be sure to check out the arrangements Natalie has created in the past – I’m always finding inspiration through them.

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street


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