Blooms in Season: April

Spring has arrived, especially at the flower mart. It burst with tons of favorites – blooming branches, lily of the valley, ranunculus, poppies, and peonies are slowly on the way in. This time of year makes my flower heart sing.

This month, Natalie and I wanted to highlight the art of simplicity when it comes to showcasing one flower.

I love the mockorange. Tell me more about them. These are one of my favorites during this season! They are delicate and abundant and remind me of my own mother’s garden. They are commonly called mockorange because their bloom mocks the buds of lemons and oranges. Their latin name, Philadelphus, is named after an ancient Greek king of Egypt.

Hyacinth are one of my favorites, but I notice they are available in flower shops year-round?

This is true, however this is their actual season. Hyacinth are bulb plants that are easy to transport and ship, therefore they are now grown and shipped throughout the year. Tulips are the same. I find that they are so much better this time of year because this is when they are naturally in season and they are such a sign of Spring. In California, you can find locally grown bunches that are not coming from Holland.

I love Lily of the Valley but don’t see it very often here in San Francisco. Why is that? Lily of the Valley loves conditions that are much different than what we have here. It grows wonderfully in the mid-west, back east and in the pacific northwest. It can grow here and if it does, it spreads nicely.

I noticed you kept the flowers simple and only used one variety per vase. Why is that?

In my own home, I keep my floral arrangements simple. I like to use a single variety as a way to keep the arranging simple and also really appreciate each individual bloom. I like seeing one variety in a vase as it helps me enjoy the true grace and individuality of each stem. Keeping the design simple works beautifully next to a bedside or sink basin. Anything too fussy just takes over and loses impact.

For readers that live in the Bay Area, I highly suggest going to the Bouquets to Art exhibit at the de Young Museum. Natalie is showcasing an incredible piece!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs / Photos by Heather Day for Sacramento Street.


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