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a trip to the flea market . . .

I thought that it was about time for me to tell you about a few of my favorite booths. When I first walk into the market I immediately go Grenouille Antiques to say hello to longtime friends Fred and Coco – they’ve known me since I was a baby. Once I’m done going gaga over their French treasures I head over to Cottage Girls where they have lots of smalls – perfect for styling. After that it’s all about walking the aisles looking for items that catch your eye.

* Grenouille Antiques (Booth A17)

* Cottage Girls (Booth C17)

* Atelier de Campagne (Booth J20)

* Tinsel Trading (Booth L7)

Then I finally arrive to Atelier de Campagne – where I’m greeted by Trinidad Castro and Johan de Meulenaere. Buyers beware, it’s easy to spend every last penny of your cash here. It’s filled with wonderful treasures that make my heart skip a beat. Luckily, they have a store you can visit all the time in case you need a little pick me up between markets.

And then you finally stumble upon the lovely Tinsel Trading. For the love of ribbon, it’s a dream come turn! Bursting with so much goodness that you’ll instantly get inspired by all of the patterns and colors.

I hope all of you have enjoyed my take on the Flea Market. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me questions or email me.

*Images: a BIG thank you to my cousin Claire for taking these photos.


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