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a brand new week . . .

First and foremost, thank you for all of the supportive comments here on the blog, twitter and instagram. I was overwhelmed by everyones amazing comments. To have you cheering me on with this huge decision means so much to me! I’ll be updating you with what’s going on and the fun projects I’m working on.

This weekend was blissful – I’ve been enjoying the weekend in Dallas with Joslyn and her lovely family. She took me to a few breathtaking stores (Le Jus being a favorite – their almond milk latte is delicious), went to the DMA, saw her daughter in the Nutcracker and just chilled in her beautiful home. It’s exactly what I needed to recharge me to start my freelance journey – Joslyn is like a cheerleader and always there for a little pep talk.

Today’s inspiration is a little different – it’s a vignette from Joslyns home. It’s one of my many favorite corners of her house – from the Heath vase to the artwork . . . it just all works so well together.

Have a wonderful first week of December friends!

photo by Caitlin Flemming


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