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a brand new week . . .

This weekend went by incredibly fast for my taste. Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning and feel like you’re already behind even though you’ve worked over the weekend to try and get ahead? That’s how I am currently feeling. There are multiple to-do lists in front of me and I’m in the midst figuring out how to divide and conquer. With important projects pulling me in all sorts of directions I feel as though I need to pause, regroup and re-enter this week. I don’t usually share the ups and downs of life here on the blog but sometimes you just have to be honest. Owning and running your own business can be hard – especially two. I’m incredibly grateful to have a few helping hands and cheerleaders that keep me going at all hours of the day or night. So as I sit back to re-group I’m turning to fellow readers, small business owners and bloggers – what has helped you push through the hard times?

On another note, I do have a very exciting week here on Sacramento Street – an amazing giveaway you won’t want to miss out on, a peek into a local company that is re-launching, and a fun collaboration that will show a sneak peek of a corner in our new living room.

I hope all of you have a splendid week!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming from Apartment 34’s room at the Sunset Concept House (pillow by Rebecca Atwood)


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