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a brand new week . . .

Getting back into the groove after a holiday weekend is a little difficult – no more sleeping in without an alarm clock, no sitting with a cup of tea lingering because you just can, no staying in your pj’s until the late afternoon, but it does feel quite refreshing to jump into the new week with a rejuvenated soul. This weekend I found time to get inspired for work – going into shops I hadn’t visited in awhile, cooking new recipes from Gwyneth’s new cookbook(the meatballs are a must people!), and rising at the crack of dawn to go to the flea market where I found a few good treasures for the new apartment.

This week I wanted to share what has completely transformed our living room – these Rebecca Atwood pillows I had made custom for our apartment. It’s the first time I’ve had pillows that are honestly a work of art. They have a chambray linen back, need I say more? They are even better in person. It was such a treat working with Rebecca on these pillows.

On the blog this week – July’s Blooms in Season feature with Natalie Bowen (this might be my favorite yet!), a new room anatomy post and tomorrow I’ll be posting about a little sale I’m going to be doing on items from our old apartment.

Have a wonderfully productive week everyone!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming


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