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a brand new week . . .

Happy Monday everyone! I hope all of you had a fun, rejuvenating weekend – I sure did. I felt like I accomplished so much the past two days and enjoyed some quality time relaxing. It ended with an impromptu trip up to Napa yesterday for a garden party – lots of delicious food (I ate entirely too much), lots of sunshine and I met some amazing people.

Now, I know on Friday I said that today would be the day that you would see my apartment, but I received an email this morning that it’s been postponed two weeks. I’m terribly sorry and I hope you understand. The photographer that I worked with, Michelle Drewes and I put together a little something special for Sacramento Street readers for when it’s finally revealed – it’s worth the wait, I promise. In the meantime, I wanted to share one photo that isn’t being used. I love the way these anemones look in photos.

Hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead of you. Be sure to enter the amazing West Elm giveaway that went live yesterday and thanks for understanding!

Photography by Michelle Drewes of Caitlin Flemming’s home


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