a brand new week . . .

Happy Monday! I've been making it a weekend ritual to enjoy time away from work - catching up with friends, taking day trips to warmer weather and actually taking the time to read. That's exactly what happened this weekend - a day trip up to Napa to visit friends that just had a baby last week (he is adorable), spending mornings finishing a book, and spending an evening with are best friends who just got engaged. In my eyes it was perfection and just what I needed to restore energy for a busy work week.

To top it all off, these are the things that got me incredibly inspired this past week: the brand new Vogue Living Australia that never disappoints, gorgeous peonies that popped into my local grocery store, a postcard from the wonderful Will and Toby, my new orange Clare Vivier clutch that I can’t stop using (it’s beautiful!!) and then my necklace I got while I was in New Mexico in March. It’s amazing to see the things in my life that inspire me – this new Monday post is so much fun!

PS. Be sure to check out my new Houzz post on outdoor entertaining inspiration!

*Photos taken by Caitlin Flemming


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