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10 Things That Make Me Happy: Katy Elliott

This weekend went by in a blink of an eye – why does that always happen? My days off consisted of wellies, warm cups of tea, cooking, catching up with friends, finally unpacking from Texas, laundry and a fun photo shoot. It was quite the productive weekend. I’m ready for the work week to begin.

Today Katy from Katy Elliott is guest blogging – I’m inspired every single day by the renovation Katy and her husband are doing. The house they bought is adorable and I look forward to seeing the finished house, but in the meantime I’m loving watching the process.

Thanks Katy for guest blogging here today!

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Hello Sacramento Street readers! I’m Katy Elliott and I blog about renovating a 260-year-old in New England. The renovation is really slow so I fill the time in-between with recipes, inspiration, and images from my town. Thanks to Caitlin for having me! Below a few of things that make me happy!

My house is really old and cold. Right now I’m tucked under my favorite gray wool blanket I got from MacAusland Woolen Mills out of Prince Edward Island last winter. It keeps me really warm all winter long and probably for the rest of the my life. The quality is really outstanding for the price.

I feel guilty and a bit lazy for admitting this but I love to sleep in. I’m lucky enough to work from home so I don’ t have to rush in the morning. I stay in bed snuggled up in my wool blanket and flannel down comforter till the last possible second. Staring out the window at the leaves changing in a quiet house is basically my version of heaven.

3. Ikat Spot Pyjamas, about $95.

Are you sensing a theme? Sometimes, ahem, I sleep too late and end of drinking my morning coffee and checking my e-mail in my PJs. I just ordered this super cute pair from Toast.

I knit a few simple hats last year and wanted to try advancing my skills this fall. The Keplie cap looks more complicated then it actually is—the ear flap is knit back and forth and then joined into the round. The pattern and yarn are from Maine based company, Quince & Co.

I’ve wanted this jacket for the past three years. I finally saved up and ordered it this fall. I really enjoy wearing it and it fits beautifully. How freakin’ cute is the Liberty rose lining? I knit the Kelpie Cap (above) to match the jacket.

6, 7. Farrow & Ball Living with Colour, Ros Byam Shaw, $40.

Hands down my favorite interior book of the year! All the interiors use Farrow & Ball paints which if you read my blog you’ll find out I’m a big fan! If you dig moody interiors and stories of the English country side check out Jasper Conran’s book Country too. It’s A-mazing!

8. Bella Foster @ Art Since The Summer ’69.

I’m a huge fan of Bella Foster’s abstract patterned filled interiors. She has a show in New York I hope to attend later this month. Click over to find out more and see more images of her work.

9. Baking: From My Home To Yours, Dorie Greenspan, $40.

Winter is my favorite time of the year to really dive into recipes that take multiple days. What else is there to do when the sun goes down at 4? I picked up 3-4 bread books last winter and I’m hoping to work my way through them. I find it so satisfying to accomplish recipes requiring intense measuring, heating, and time. Above sticky buns I made from Dorie Greenspan’s book—best I’ve ever made!

I feel really lucky to work from home and live in a quintessential New England coastal town. What I love most is that I can walk everywhere. Most afternoons I walk to the park overlooking the ocean, pick up a cup of coffee, and get groceries. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy not driving.


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