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San Francisco, California

A truly elevated space is one that is full of connections—to the natural world, to diverse cultural influences, and to your own memories and particular experiences. I want to help you cultivate and showcase those touchstones within your own space, with each piece holding stories from down the street or across the world. I want to help you create a home that marries curated and comfortable.

My approach to design is informed by my passion for traveling. I love taking in a brand new space for the first time with all of my senses, finding its intrinsic beauty and untapped potential. I collect textiles, antiques, and art like souvenirs, layering them to create inviting sanctuaries to return to. My designs employ a certain amount of spontaneity, wherein color and pattern is used deliberately—and sparingly—for visual interest.

My signature style is neutral, textural, and effortless. I believe that depth comes from high quality, handcrafted heirlooms, especially those that hold sentimental value. I enjoy the juxtaposition of old and new, and that cultural appreciation never goes out of style.

Good design is an investment in our lives and our families’. It was my own childhood, full of exploration and collected relics, that inspired my passion for both travel and home. I hope to share it with you soon.

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Modern, neutral interior design by Cailtin Flemming | San Francisco interior designer
Modern, neutral interior design by Cailtin Flemming | San Francisco interior designer


Closet Reveal with California Closets and Shira Gill

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Caitlin Flemming | San Francisco Bay Area interior designer + lifestyle blogger at Sacramento Street


I am a designer and stylist living in San Francisco. In 2009, I founded the lifestyle and design blog, Sacramento Street, as a creative outlet. In the years since, design has become my full-time passion and career. I offer interior design and styling in the Bay Area and distance design beyond.

Second only to design is my love of travel. I co-authored Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit alongside my travel partner and mother, Julie Goebel. The book highlights how the well-traveled live and how their homes reflect where they’ve been and hope to go.

As a wife and mother of two in one of the most creative cities in the world, I find no shortage of inspiration at home. You will find a chronicle of those moments on my blog and my Instagram feed. You can find more of my work in Rue Magazine, 7×7 Magazine, Elle Decor, HGTV, Apartment Therapy, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Goop.


A road map for bringing far-flung design ideas back home, Travel Home shows us how to curate interiors that reflect our favorite places and experiences in ways that are beautiful and authentic. Touring the homes of leaders in global design who share a deep affection for travel, the book explores interiors with influences as widespread as Marrakesh, Paris, Cuba, Tokyo, Portugal, and beyond.

Travel Home Book by Cailtin Flemming | San Francisco interior designer

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